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Sad News

Provided by George McNenney, Security Manager for EPWU

I have some sad news to report.

Just before the Boeing Customer Service location opened, I wanted to ensure that we selected the very best Lead Security Officer to lead our security efforts at this location. After discussing the matter with Al Campos, our security contractor, one guy filled that bill. His name was Jackie “Jack” Walker, a 17 year veteran of the security guard business. From the very first day that we opened Boeing, Jack was the man “in charge” of all our security strategies. Thanks to him, Boeing was one location that I did not need to spend a great deal of time worrying about our security.

 In the last week or two, a need arose to have a second lead officer assist the lead officer at the Canal Plant. As was typical of Jack, he raised his hand and said “I can help out at Canal. Count me in.” And so, he left Boeing to help us out with a temporary double shift support at Canal.

In the evening of Friday May 9th, Jack went home after work to Carmen. He had recently turned 65 years young. Shortly after coming home, he changed from his work uniform and looked forward to spending the evening with his wife of 40 years.

Shortly after changing from his work uniform, Carmen looked for Jack and found him dead from a massive heart attack.

Jack was a Vietnam War Veteran, a member of the Marine Corps, spending 1966 and 1967 fighting for our freedom. Tough years to be in Vietnam! After Vietnam, he spent many years working for BNSF Railroad before joining the security guard business.

I will miss Jack. The short time that I knew him added value to my life.

If you have a moment, keep this good man in your thoughts and prayers. I am confident that the good Lord above has a safe and comfortable place for Jack.

Service Information

Wednesday, 5/14/08 - Viewing at Sunset Funeral Home - 4631 Hondo Pass -  5 pm to 9 PM.

Thursday, 5/15/08 - Funeral and mass - Blessed Sacrament Church - 1030 am - 9025 Diana Dr.

Burial at Fort National Cemetery following the mass.


LEAPS Security Officer Recognition

Officer Fraustino "Frosty" Marez, Security for Bel Air High, has been an integral component of the YISD Security team and has been for the past 22 years. Frosty has also been an asset to the El Paso Police Department. Throughout his years of service he has developed a close working relationship with the CID/TAC section of the Mission Valley Regional Command. Frosty is well aware of the criminal element in his school and works closely with other school officials to combat crime.

Frosty knew that there had been several instances of burglaries occurring in the band room but was unable to locate a suspect. On November 2, 2007 Several students noticed inappropriate activity from a suspect Victor Contreras and notified a teacher. The teacher immediately contacted Frosty who took custody of the suspect and after a thorough investigation he was able to obtain a confession. Frosty recovered over $600.00 in various stolen property to include items such an ipod, a cell phone, a wallet and jewelry. Frosty further assisted the investigation by canvassing the school to identify victims/owners of the found property. This case #07-306140 was immediately cleared by arrest. Four days later Officer Marez obtained information that a student was attempting to sell a cell phone to another student. Officer Marez' investigation revealed that the same suspect from the previous case, Victor Contreras, was involved. Officer Marez quickly located Contreras and discovered that he was in possession of dvd's, jewelry, game accessories and a receipt with the name of Luis Chavez. Contreras could not provide any explanation as to how he came to be in possession of the property. Officer Marez contacted the Detectives of the Mission Valley command and advised them of the situation. Meanwhile, the Detectives were already involved with a burglary at 611 N. Yarbrough. Once the Detectives reviewed the property in Contreras' possession, it became evident that the property was matching what was stolen from 611 N. Yarbrough case # 07-310232. The next day, AFIS quality prints that were lifted from 611 N. Yarbrough showed a positive match to Contreras.

Thanks to the quick thinking and investigative skills of Officer Marez, two burglaries were solved and exceptionally cleared by arrest. The experience, dedication to detail and investigatiave skills of Officer Fraustino Marez make him an outstanding law enforcement official and his actions in the above two related incidents earn him the commendation of the Chief's Award.



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